Alnus rubra

Other names: Red alder, Western red alder, Western alder. Alder is almost white when freshly cut but quickly changes with exposure to air to light brown with a yellow or reddish tinge. Heartwood is formed only in trees of advanced age and there is no visible boundary between sap and heartwood. The wood is fairly straight grained with a uniform texture.

General Information

Uses Availability Price
Kitchen cabinets, doors, interior mouldings, turning, carving, and kitchen utensils. Reasonably

Relative Working Properties

Machining Resistance to splitting in nailing Resistance to splitting in screwing Gluing
Good Good Good Good

Physical Properties

Specific gravity (12% m.c.) Average shipping weight kilograms (kg) per cubic metre (m3) air dry Average volumetric shrinkage (oven dry % of green) Modulus of rupture (kilopascals) Modulus of elasticity (megapascals) Side hardness (newtons)
0.41 449 10.1 9800 9515 2624