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When flooring manufacturers seek hardwood for flooring, what do they consistently ask for? Well, we find that red oak, white oak, hard maple and walnut are four of the most popular hardwood species we get request for! This is probably because they are more durable and will last longer than other types of flooring materials. They are also easy to clean and maintain which has made them a popular choice for generations. Here are a…
After the turbulent hardwood lumber market this year, I would think most of us in the industry could benefit from more qualified leads!  Especially for full load quantities! For us at American Lumber, we are always looking for new or better ways we can support our hardwood lumber sales team. And even though it differs from consumer type markets, as Salesforce.com points out, “buyers expect answers and information at a moment’s notice, so firms must…
For years, manufacturers, and hardwood distributors that serve them have considered various imported tropical hardwood lumber species to add to their portfolios. We have been supplying them with everything from Aniegre to Zebrawood.  But recently two species have been of particular interest. African Mahogany and Red Grandis. How familiar are you with using both of these?
In today’s fast paced business, mobile and even virtual business environments, teamwork among employees is more important than ever! Business that can drive successful cross department teamwork and keep their employees motivated and engaged will be more successful than those that cannot.
In the North American hardwood lumber industry more than half of all the timber harvested and manufactured are oaks. Red oak and white oak are both beautiful hardwoods to work with. However, in most instances, red oak is the dominant species type when it comes to the volume of lumber utilized.
Just like other industries, great internal communication is critical in the hardwood lumber industry. Whether it be timely communication between a logger and a forester, or a sawyer and an inventory manager, clear, effective communication helps businesses succeed.
For those operating in the hardwood lumber industry, we are all familiar with the fact that the standard way to package lumber is in random width and length bundles. That is no surprise. However, it does not always have to be that way.
Obviously, we believe North American hardwoods are the right choice for things like flooring, cabinets and furniture. That’s what we do. But why?  Here are a few reasons we believe products made from solid hardwood lumber should be your preferred choice!
When it comes to using walnut hardwood lumber it is not necessarily one size fits all. We all know that certain applications can best be suited by a specific grade or thickness. But we also find that manufacturers looking to produce walnut based products see value in using a certain type of width, length or color consistency to start their manufacturing process.
Earlier this year our dishwasher stopped working. It took us five months to get a replacement. The reason, supply chain disruptions. It is a reality we are all dealing with in today’s marketplace. And for those of us in the hardwood industry we are no different.
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