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Five ways to improve your hardwood lumber usage in 2015

This time of year we see lists on all different type of topics.  Whether it be what was the best of 2014, or new ways to improve in 2015, lists are everywhere.  So why not a list on how to get more out of your hardwood lumber usage in the year to come.  Here are five ideas that you might want to consider.

Five ways to improve your hardwood lumber usage this year.

  1. Maximize your footage per shipment.  Don’t settle for just 9,000 of 10,000 bf on a load. Make sure you are maximizing each truck or container.  Make a mixed load with another species or grade of something with the goal of receiving less shipments of lumber over a twelve month period.
  2. Order less random lumber. Find out what widths and lengths work best in your operation and ask for your supplier to sort and ship only those.
  3. Use exact width rips. In most cases the first action in the manufacturing process is ripping hardwoods to width.  Consider getting ripped-to-width lumber to begin with and maximize your lumber yields from the start.
  4. Develop a custom grade. The industry grades have served us well for over a hundred years.  But not every grade is suitable for every operation. If you can work with your supplier to develop a proprietary grade so every board in the bundle works time and time again for your operation you will save time and money. Not to mention you will develop less waste or unusable parts as well!
  5. Seek new ideas. Things change quickly.  New technologies, new techniques, and even new lumber use concepts develop on a regular basis.  Consider asking other hardwood lumber professionals to observe the materials and the processes your are utilizing to see if there is a better way.

If you are one of our existing customers let’s chat about one or more of these ideas.  If you are not familiar with American Lumber Company contact us today and we’ll be happy to see if we can help you improve your lumber usage in 2015.

We wish you all the best in 2015.

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