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Helping Your Employees Achieve Work/Life Balance

As the new year approaches, it is always a good time to look back and reflect on the past year and what you can improve on. One of these things could be achieving a better work-life balance for you and your employees. In the last few years, it has become common knowledge that in order to have productive employees, they need to find the right balance between their work and personal lives. However, oftentimes many businesses that don’t get this learn the hard way, with loses in productivity and lower employee morale, not to mention increased costs.WorkLifeBalance

At American Lumber, we strive to help every member of our team reach the balance that is right for them. Here are some principles we strive to support in this area:

Establish Guidelines. Overworked and stressed employees can cripple a company’s productivity and harm its efforts to recruit employees. Some businesses seek to offset this unfortunate trend by establishing guidelines that reduce or eliminate overwork. Set boundaries in the workplace such as not promoting the need to check work email messages beyond normal work hours and restricting how many big projects an employee is involved in at any given time. Also, realize that not everything needs to be addressed immediately.

Establish Regular Breaks. Regular breaks mean more productive and happier employees. Hard-working employees may not be inclined to take advantage of approved work breaks, so it’s up to the employer to ensure that taking breaks is an accepted workplace policy.

Practice What You Preach. Employees look to their leaders for a better understanding of how balancing a job and a life actually works. If the Executives and managers work around the clock or send and receive emails while on vacation, it’s difficult for employees to behave otherwise. To integrate work/life balance into your company’s culture, examine your own behavior and adopt changes as necessary, in order to demonstrate to others how serious you are about this objective.

Have Fun. It should go without saying, but no one wants to spend all day in an environment of “all work and no play.” Having a little bit of fun in the workplace is not antithetical to effective business operations. It actually contributes to employee work/life balance by offering the chance to let off some steam. We have found this method valuable when trying to grow the connection between our team members, whether that be at the office, concentration yard, or sawmill levels. 

The days when employees felt compelled to stick with a job that raised their stress levels and interfered with their personal lives are a thing of the past. Employers who recognize the value of effective work/life balance are more likely to interest, and retain, the types of employees that truly help their companies grow.

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