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The African Hardwood, Aniegre

The African Hardwood specie Aniegre has carved out its own niche in the veneer, cabinetry, and high-end millwork industries with its fantastic golden brown color. It can even be seen used in the creation of furniture, boatbuilding, and carpentry uses.   DSC2535

Aniegre’s heartwood is usually a light yellow-brown color and sometimes can even carry a pinkish hue. With age, the color darkens to a pleasing golden brown color. This is what makes it such a popular veneer product. But while popular for veneer, Aniegre lumber should not be overlooked.

When quartersawn, Aniegre can showcase an alluring figure pattern. Unfortunately, many of the Aniegre logs that would be great for this are often the ones that are used in the creation of veneer.  

With this in mind, the Aniegre lumber that is produced has good workability, and also accepts stains very well due to its even texture and grain, which make it great for finishing.

In the past, the majority of Aniegre shipped to the US was from Ghana. Lately there has been a push for more coming from Cameroon. This is because from this region the color tends to be a shade darker.  

We are proud to stock Aniegre at our Cove City, NC facility. Volumes are lower coming in now than they were in the past, we usually stock Aniegre in 4/4” thickness only. This makes it a popular choice  when customers order a mixed load of hardwoods.  

Have you considered using Aniegre? If you would like to know more, or have a need for one of the other tropical hardwoods that we offer, let us know. We would be happy to help.

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