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One hardwood lumber board. Multiple customers

Have you ever heard the saying, “if you share you’ll get more?”.  Chances are you have.  It might even be one of the sayings you grew up with as a kid.  For us, when it comes to matching a customer’s need for hardwood lumber with the products we produce, we think the concept of sharing would be great.  Sharing wider individual hardwood boards amongst various types of customers that require narrower widths would be ideal.  In many ways that is what we do!

Here is one way to look at it… Typically one of the first steps in today’s manufacturing process is the conversion of random width lumber to exact-widths.  As companies take standard random width lumber and process it to their preferred widths waste is created.  Waste is created in the form of either true edge waste and sawdust or in the form of less profitable widths.  There could also be unusable inventory created that is too good to be considered waste but not wide enough to be used in a current production run.  This is sometimes saved and re-inventoried in the warehouse which causes a host of other problems for manufacturers  ….. So wouldn’t it be great if your hardwood lumber supplier could deliver lumber to your location only in the exact widths you need to make your products? Well they can and it is usually done by providing hardwood lumber rips or hardwood blanks as many call it. 

American Lumber does this by combining the needs of multiple customers into a specific cutting bill and in essence sharing a board by ripping it into numerous exact width parts.  Whether it is a 1.5” cabinet part, a 3.5” flooring width, or a 4.25” moulder blank we can combine the needs of several customers into one cut bill and divide the boards accordingly.   We have access to a reliable source of lumber that can be dependably provided to customers consistently throughout the year.  Manufacturers benefit by receiving only the widths that work best for their business and we benefit by making customer happier and maximizing the use of the fiber available from the sawmill.

Just as importantly, customers can eliminate variation in component costs, improve process efficiencies through tighter scheduling and eliminate slow turning inventory.  All of which have positive impacts on their cash-flow and profits!!

So let us know what widths really drive your P&L.  Let us know the exact hardwood lumber dimensions that work best for your manufacturing process.  We will do our best to help you match your needs with the needs of other hardwood lumber users by sharing a board and maybe we will all be better off.

Contact us for more information.  We would be glad to discuss you specific situation.

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