Walnut for Any Application

When it comes to using walnut hardwood lumber it is not necessarily one size fits all. We all know that certain applications can best be suited by a specific grade or thickness. But we also find that manufacturers looking to produce walnut based products see value in using a certain type of width, length or color consistency to start their manufacturing process.

In general, we find that walnut hardwood lumber demand has remained strong over the last several months. Especially among manufacturers who use it to create high end and specialized products. And it is not just for the upper grades like FAS or Prime. We have seen a steady interest in #1 Common lumber as well.walnutforanyapplication

When we speak to our customers about walnut we regularly remind them that walnut mostly grows in the eastern part of the United States, is harvested in relatively low quantities compared to other species and its  heartwood color ranges from light brown to dark brown. And since the sapwood in walnut is naturally light brown it is often steam treated in order to reduce the contrast which is what many manufacturers prefer.

American Lumber offers a large portfolio of walnut lumber products. We can source our customers walnut from numerous locations including the Leitchfield Kentucky yard, our St. James yard in Galion Ohio and from Hawkeye Forest Products in Trempealeau Wisconsin.

Not only do we provide walnut in the standard NHLA grades, but we also offer some proprietary products such as Super Prime and Premium for those customers looking for more specific lumber characteristics. Customer sorts, surfacing and SLR2E are also services we offer for the walnut products we offer to customers.

Despite the demand for walnut remaining high in recent months, we are still able to help our customers find the supply they need. If we can help you with some walnut hardwood lumber, please let us know.  We would welcome the chance to help you!

Anthony C.
American Lumber
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