Why Hardwoods are Better

Obviously, we believe North American hardwoods are the right choice for things like flooring, cabinets and furniture. That’s what we do. But why?  Here are a few reasons we believe products made from solid hardwood lumber should be your preferred choice!

Hardwoods are renewable. In the hardwood forests, trees reproduce naturally! Saplings grow amongst the forest, turning into mature trees, and are responsibly harvested when the time is right. They are not created from man-made or plastic materials.whyhardwoodsare better

Hardwoods are more environmentally friendly. Most people know trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen, helping to fight climate change. And that’s important! Plus, when hardwood lumber is made, all aspects of the logs are used. The lumber made goes into products that make people’s lives better! Even the residue provides benefits. The bark is generally sold to landscape contractors. Lumber chips are often sold to pulp and paper manufacturers. Even the sawdust is reused and is commonly sold to farmers for animal bedding or reused to power boilers to create new energy!

Hardwoods are more attractive. Admittedly, we are biased, but hardwoods provide a natural beauty to numerous aspects of the home that can be treasured for generations! Floors, cabinets, furniture, and more made from hardwoods bring a sense of style, warmth and comfort that has endured the test of time!

So, when you are looking for products that are well manufactured, durable, attractive, and also are made from eco-friendly and renewable materials think hardwoods!  You will not be disappointed!

American Lumber
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