Employee Teamwork

In today’s fast paced business, mobile and even virtual business environments, teamwork among employees is more important than ever! Business that can drive successful cross department teamwork and keep their employees motivated and engaged will be more successful than those that cannot.

Even though the work environment has evolved, we find a few key basics of company team building still provide value. Here are a few tips we have found helpful even in today’s dynamic workplace.

  • employee teamwork ALEncourage the sharing of ideas. Effective teamwork grows out of a collaborative environment! Environments where employees’ ideas and suggestions are shared regularly seem to be great teamwork environments. The old mantra that there are no “bad ideas” holds true here and helps drive additional brainstorming and often leads the way to more innovation.
  • Facilitate more communication. Creating new and additional ways for communications to take place across all departments is another essential element of effective teamwork. With so many communications tools at our disposal—email, text messaging, chat, etc.—there’s really no excuse for failing to keep everyone on the same page within the organization. Internally, we have embraced video calling and screen sharing more than we ever have. The trick is to make sure the message is heard and the communication tool used is accepted by the receiving end. The more frequent and open communications are, the more motivated team members will be.
  • Prioritize employee development. Employees want to feel they are growing, both as individuals and as part of a high-functioning team. We find it is important to help them achieve this goal. Not only urging individual employee development, but consider implementing a practice of providing professional development in a team format that helps enrich relationships. You might find that this often leads to a higher degree of team performance long term.
  • Recognize team achievement. As with individual performance, recognizing and rewarding outstanding team achievements also strengthens the idea of teamwork in the workplace.

Teamwork helps drive company success!  For us we seen value when we have our foresters working closely with our sawmill leaders.  We find ways to improve when we get our kiln drying team working side by side with our hardwood lumber buyers or our species captains.  Whatever the cross functional teams that work for your company do, find ways to have them build relationships and work in teams.  Get those new ideas flowing and watch your success grow.

What other tips do you have to drive team performance? Let us know. We look forward to hearing from you!

Anthony C.
American Lumber
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