How Well Do You Know African Mahogany and Red Grandis

For years, manufacturers, and hardwood distributors that serve them have considered various imported tropical hardwood lumber species to add to their portfolios. We have been supplying them with everything from Aniegre to Zebrawood.  But recently two species have been of particular interest. African Mahogany and Red Grandis. How familiar are you with using both of these?

african and redgrandisThe species of African Mahogany can encompass several different types. “Khaya Ivorensis” is the most desired subspecies of African Mahogany and the one we at American Lumber focus on providing our customers. Its appearance is striking and its color is typically described as being medium to dark brown with a light colored sapwood. Its medium density makes it easy to work with and is known to be very durable.

In most instances, we find our customers requesting 4/4”, 5/4”, 6/4” and 8/4” African Mahogany and are producing items such as mouldings, architectural millwork, doors, windows and in some instances musical instruments. 

Another imported hardwood species we have seen a lot of interest in recently is Red Grandis. Why? Well maybe because it is versatile and FSC certified!

Red Grandis has a reputation for having a consistent texture, color and grain pattern. Some claim it is similar to other tropical species such as Genuine Mahogany and the North American species of Cedar and Cypress. It is very suitable as a hardwood lumber of choice for high-end furniture, millwork, doors, windows, ceilings, exterior siding and cladding.

The Red Grandis we offer is 100% Eucalyptus Grandis and is a plantation grown hardwood sourced from Urufor in Uruguay.  We stock 4/4” through 8/4” inventory in lengths ranging from 8’-16’. Our customers frequently comment that they appreciate that our inventory on hand is typically very heavy to 14’-16’ lengths.

At American Lumber we believe our unmatched supply, industry expertise and our passion to be a resource and serve the needs of our customers, properly position us to be a trusted hardwood advisor. If you are looking for a new hardwood lumber material, maybe even African Mahogany and Red Grandis, give us call!  We would be happy to help! 

Anthony C.
American Lumber
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