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How narrow of a moulder blank can you order?

Smyrna - Hardwood Ripsaw

Many factors contribute to the ripped hardwood blanks a supplier would have available for sale.  Existing cut bills, species and sizes already in production, kiln dried boards available to be ripped, and rip saw capabilities all impact what type of rip sizes a supplier would have available to ship. 

American Lumber is fortunate to have a state of the art rip saw, a move-able blade Weinig Raiman KR450M, that is capable of producing ripped hardwood blanks as narrow as 1.25”.  Many times this means we can help customer create products such as wooden dowels, tool handles and even certain mouldings or face frame more effectively.
The 1.25" blade configuration size enables us to improve lumber yields and maximize our ability share a board with multiple customers.  We can and add more types of customers to our ripped-to-width hardwood lumber program.  It also means that customers who already order more common sizes such as 1.5” or 2.25" inch widths for applications like picture frames or other hardwood products can now benefit even further because we can create more cut bills and accumulate inventory quicker in many situations.
If you rip hardwood lumber as a standard part of your manufacturing process and have not explored outsourcing to help your own efficiencies, perhaps now is the time to consider doing so! American Lumber is alaways entertaining adding more customers to our ripping program.  We regularly operate ripping programs for cherry, hard maple, poplar, red oak, white oak and others.  Sizes range from 1.25" to 6.0".  Other sizes and species are considered.
Contact us today if you would like to discuss your particular need.  We would be happy to help!
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