Create More Leads

After the turbulent hardwood lumber market this year, I would think most of us in the industry could benefit from more qualified leads!  Especially for full load quantities!

create more leadsFor us at American Lumber, we are always looking for new or better ways we can support our hardwood lumber sales team. And even though it differs from consumer type markets, as points out, “buyers expect answers and information at a moment’s notice, so firms must focus on crafting an experience that fulfills this expectation.”

That’s what we try to do and over time we have found these type of approaches helpful. Maybe some will benefit you.

1. Share high-quality content that benefits your customer.  Being seen as a thought leader in your industry often facilitates the effort of attracting new inquiries. Whether you offer blog posts, “how-to” articles, videos, product briefs, or other types of content, it’s important to provide information that’s relevant, informative, and easy-to-follow.

2. Share your loyal customers successful experiences. Buyers like to know you can deliver successfully! They want to hear examples from other companies using your services. Sharing how one of your clients enjoyed and benefited from purchasing your products is key! When we share examples about how customers received more value from  a custom hardwood lumber solution we developed or a ripped-to-width two edge product we manufactured, we find it helps prospects understand the extra value we can bring as a hardwood supplier.

3. Be digital and be online. Remember, prospective customers today usually do a fair amount of research prior to reaching out to —or welcoming a call from a sales representative. It is estimated that nearly 70% of the buyer decision making process is complete before first contact. So providing compelling and complete information online, and ways for prospects to reach you is critical on your website and in social media.

4. Focus more on referrals. It is no secret that referrals from your loyal customer base can also result in high-quality sales leads. The key is making the referral process easy and as straightforward as possible. Urge your sales team to ask for referrals each and every day and track the results. Many time when you measure and manage referral gathering you will find you see a significant uptick in lead generation.

As we get ready to enter a new year consider new ways to create more qualified leads. If you are in the hardwood lumber industry think about that in all aspects of the business including hardwood log purchasing, green lumber buying, kiln dried lumber sales and maybe even new employee recruitment. Perhaps it will make next year better than this past one!

Let us know what you think! We would love to hear from you!

Anthony C.
American Lumber
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