How About Hard Maple

Hard Maple, (acer saccharum), is one of the most popular North American hardwood lumber species produced. You see it used in everything from stair parts to furniture.

how about hard mapleThis species of hardwoods is prized for its cream to white colored sapwood and light red-brown heartwood. The lumber is heavy and strong. It is easy to work with and stains and finishes nicely.

Most people know that one of the most common uses for Hard Maple lumber is in cabinetry. Like other hardwood species, the demand for hard maple is always changing.  But, over the last few years there has been a noticeable steady need for 4/4” 1 Common and 2 Common grade lumber. And to serve the needs of the cabinet manufacturers we have been providing custom ripped-to-width hardwood products as needed.

Hard Maple is typically harvested from a large growing region. We find hard maple timber available from the forests in Minnesota through Maine and from Canada down through Kentucky. Most people prefer hard maple from the northern states like New York. Fortunately, as a supplier who operates numerous hardwood sawmills and lumber yards in the northern Appalachian region we are usually able to accommodate specific regional requests such as this.

Since our sawmill locations span from New York to Wisconsin we can provide hard maple with various characteristics, grain patterns and color. We do provide custom sorts based on color, length and width for hard maple and we mainly saw thicknesses from 4/4 to 8/4, (occasionally 10/4, 12/4 or 16/4).

If you use Hard Maple lumber in your production and have not considered American Lumber, give us a call. We would be happy to help assist you secure the right hardwoods at the right price and time!

Anthony C.
American Lumber
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