Being A Good Supplier

In the hardwood lumber industry it is not uncommon for customers to buy from more than one supplier. Geography, inventory availability, lumber characteristics and even the added lumber services a sawmill provides can lead to why people buy from different suppliers.  We also find that different types of customers place a different value on certain attributes and prefer certain things over others. But, from our perspective, and based on our experiences, there always seems to be a set of attributes that all customers seem to value in one way or another. These are in addition to the basics that all suppliers should provide like a fair price and on-time delivery. good supplier

Here are a few things we think are important and how we strive to provide them.

Strive to be excellent – Customers expect the very best. They want each interaction to be a positive experience. It might not happen all the time but urging our employees to be excellent in all they do it something we try to do. Whether it be buying green lumber, grading, processing orders or shipping loads of lumber, if all our employees have a mindset of seeking to be excellent we’ll be doing what we can to be the best supplier possible.

Accessibility – For our customers access to a large supply of hardwood lumber is important, and we do provide that. The point of also ensuring our people are accessible to our suppliers and customers is something we emphasize as well.  It might not always be needed, but if we can be a trusted resource that people can reach on a regular and consistent basis, we believe we will be called upon more often.

Act responsively -  Sometimes the hardwood industry can move fast. Customers need information. Suppliers need answers. So, when our employees are interacting with others, we emphasize the importance of being responsiveness in all we do. Whether that be loading a truck, providing a quote or finding available inventory the quicker we can provide our customers what they need when they want it the better we can be!

Be personable and build relationships – We are firm believers that business is still done best person to person. Spending the time to develop a deep understanding of what your customers or suppliers need, want and desire is important. Having a relationship that is more than just business and transactional can help you provide better solutions to your customers and help them be more successful!

It has been said that succeeding in business is hard. At American Lumber, we try hard to make sure buying hardwood lumber isn’t. Let us try to help you. Give us a call. Challenge us. Let’s see if we can make your hardwood buying experience simple and easy!

Anthony C.
American Lumber
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