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How do you search for new suppliers?

I can remember the days, (just a few short years ago), when you were looking for a new product or service one of the things you did was dig out the old yellow pages and search  alphabetically or by industry.

No more. If you are like us, the first thing we do is open up a web browser and type exactly what you need.  The information you receive back is more plentiful, more relevant, and even faster than what we used to get.  To us this is “proof positive” that you have to have a strong online presence these days if you are interested in gaining new customers.

So what is your online presence?  When people search for you what do they see?  When was the last time you “Googled” your company?

We all know we cannot control everything on the Internet.  Social media comments, online reviews, even negative comments on bulletin boards are things we cannot control. But what we can control we certainly want to. So where do you start?

Here are three simple things that can help immensely.

1. Check your website and make sure it is up to date and working properly. (Our April 2014 might help)
2. Make sure any social media company pages you have are populated with recent information.
3. Verify any online directory listings that you are part of have the right contact information and are up to date.

Let us know if you want to talk about these thoughts or anything else to do with the hardwood lumber industry.  If we can help you we can!

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