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Hardwood Lumber Professionals, Do You Tweet?

The hardwood lumber industry  has a reputation of one built on tradition, longevity, and history.  We have been considered an industry that is slow to change and one that is filled with late adopters of technology.  Many of us live based on the old adage “if it’s not broken don’t fix it!”  So let me ask you… Do you Tweet?

Social Media in general is not as foreign to those of us in the lumber business as it was just a few years ago.  Many of us have a Facebook page, we’ve watched videos on YouTube, and some of us have even dabbled with a LinkedIn profile at one time or another. But what about Twitter?  What good is Twitter for the hardwood lumber business?

Well, Twitter positions itself as a way to share information about your services, gather real time market intelligence, and build relationships with customers, partners, and influencers.  Sounds like activities we find valuable!  Besides it cuts to the chase.  It is based on speed and short impactful messages which I think all of us in the hardwood lumber industry appreciate.  In addition, it is a preferred mode of communication for those of the Millennial Generation who based on all accounts will be the next leaders and decision makers in our businesses.

So do you Tweet?  If you are on Twitter connect with us.

If you are not on Twitter but have been thinking about it maybe now is the time to do it.  Start slow.  Create a profile and follow a few of your favorite topics, people, or news outlets. Follow a business partner or competitor for a month and see how they use it. Maybe within a few months you’ll find a way to make Twitter work for your business.  It is the fastest growing Social Media community for us and a great source of industry news and information.

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