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5 reasons to consider Sapele for Your Next Hardwood Lumber Project

If you work with hardwoods you know the importance of choosing the right species to capture that perfect look you are seeking to achieve.  More and more, manufacturers and woodworking professionals are looking to tropical species alternatives to bring something new to their products.

Many of us are familiar with the virtues of Mahogany and Teak.  However, over the last few years Sapele has grown in popularity and is now considered a mainstream species with companies all across the industry.

So why should you consider Sapele? Here are 5 reasons our customers tell us they choose to work with Sapele…

  1. The beauty of the lumber.  Sapele is well known for its dark mahogany-like color and its very stable nature which makes it attractive for many applications.
  2. Ease of use.  Sapele has a reputation of being a very easy species to work with.  It is easy to machine, fasten, glue and finish making it an excellent choice for products
    such as doors and architectural millwork.
  3. Its general availability.  Sapele is grown widely throughout Africa and can be sourced relatively consistently throughout the year.  This offers customers a consistent and steady supply.
  4. Variety of sizes. Sapele trees usually grow to very large sizes. This allows mills to maximize the output of each long resulting in a variety of lengths and thicknesses available in the market.  Today, Sapele can be found in all standard thicknesses from 4/4 through 16/4 which helps it match up nicely with almost any project.
  5. Its durability. Many people choose Sapele for
    its attractive color and grain pattern but it is also known for its strength and durability making it a popular species for the creation of musical instruments.

American Lumber stocks Sapele on a regular basis in our North Carolina facility. It is there that we personally dry 100% of our inventory to ensure it is dried properly relieving lumber stress and enhancing its overall quality.

Find out more information about Sapele on our website or contact us today to speak with a knowledgeable representative!

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