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Yes We Rip Tropicals

Do you rip tropical hardwoods? That was the question we were asked by a manufacturing customer the other day.  The simple answer was yes!  We can rip any species of hardwood lumber once it is at our rip saw location.

Today it is very typical for one of the first steps in the manufacturing process to be the conversion of random width lumber to exact-widths.  Of course every company’s dimensional needs are unique, but the act of ripping is usually very early in the process since it helps increase production efficiency.

Many times manufacturers that utilize tropical species in their products sometimes don’t realize they can get hardwood lumber such as Red Grandis, Sapele and Jatoba in exact width sizes just like they do the more common species they use like Hard Maple, Cherry, Red Oak and Walnut. Many times this is provided in mixed load shipments and something that it is planned as program business for our customers.

So the next time you are ordering Tropical Hardwood Lumber from your supplier see if ordering it ripped to the exact width you need first would benefit you.

And if you have any questions please contact us at any time.

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