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Is The Printed Brochure Dead

I was having a conversation with another hardwood lumber marketer the other day and we spent a good amount of time debating the virtues of a printed brochure.  What our conversation came down to was the question, “is the multi-page, high quality, glossy printed company brochure still required?”

Printed brochures have been a staple of the traditional marketing communications mix for as long as I can remember.  They have always had a sense of corporate significance. They help communicate who you are, what you do and why customers should do business with you. But the question remains … in today’s day and age are they still required?

These are the points we agreed on as to why creating brochures might no longer be required.

  1. Brochures are redundant.  Chances are that everything you put in your brochure is already on your website.
  2. They are expense to design, produce, and create compared to other marketing tools that could be created.
  3. Brochures create waste.  Inevitably you end up printing a mass quantity of some kind and within time they become obsolete and dozens if not hundreds are discarded.
  4. Less people read and save them. When was the last time you read a suppliers brochure and saved it for future reference and action?
  5. People today want digital content that is easy to access, store and share.

However, we also agreed on a few points that still support the creation of printed brochures.

  1. Brochures are entry stakes in the market similar to business cards and sales people still need something to hand out to prospects.
  2. As much as we might think it is, digital connectivity is not always convenient or available. Especially in foreign lands or rural markets.
  3. Some buyers prefer paper.
  4. Brochures are another way to “dominate the customer desk” and make a logo impression.
  5. Brochures can be packaging for other marketing materials like DVDs, flash disks, coupons or other promotional materials.

So where do you stand on the conversation? Do you think printed brochures are still required in the hardwood lumber marketplace? Do you still produce them?  Do you still read them when you are the consumer?

Let us know!  We would love to hear from you!

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