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Is Rustic Grade Hickory for Flooring on the Rise?

Rustic grade lumber has been a popular request for some time now. We often receive inquiries for rustic white oak, cherry and even walnut. But recently requests for rustic hickory have been on the rise.

rustichickoryPeople define rustic grade lumber in numerous ways. In general, it is boards described as having all of its natural characteristics present.  The lumber is structurally sound with tight knots, color variation, and a general natural appeal included. We find rustic grade lumber commonly used in many cabinetry and flooring applications.

Recently we have experienced an increase in rustic hickory requests. In our opinion, we contribute this to a potential increase in the interest in producing rustic hickory flooring.

However, we like to remind flooring manufacturers that not all rustic grades are the same. When we deal with flooring manufacturers we understand that they require certain specifications from their rustic grade material. Our customers typically request rustic grade hickory that contains no pith, only allows small defects akin to the size of a pencil eraser and is square edged.  They can accept the lumber in standard random widths and lengths but some also request specific width sorts to help them maximize their yields.

We also find that another key consideration when it comes to rustic hickory for flooring is the mix of heartwood and sapwood.  The varying lighter and darker shades of its contrasting heartwood and sapwood give it a very appealing look which many refer to as “calico”.  This creates a very beautiful and unique appeal which often times it turned into real unique home products that can become great conversational pieces! Calico hickory can also be a special sort request for our customers to make.

At American Lumber, we regularly produce rustic hickory lumber. Our inventories vary but we usually have an ample supply in our system including special sorts like 6”, 7”, 8” 9” and wider or calico. Please let us know if we can help!

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