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5 Reasons to Consider Ripped-to-Width Hardwood Lumber

ripping newMJlineManufacturers that use hardwood lumber to produce their products typically order lumber is random width and length bundles.  However, some request their hardwood lumber suppliers to provider them products in special width sorts or even SLR2E ripped-to-width lumber they can use as moulder ready blanks.

From our experience, we find the manufacturers that request ripped-to-width blanks are using this type of hardwood lumber product to manufacture specific cabinet parts, face frame, mouldings, custom flooring and even certain S4S products. When we ask them why they choose to order hardwood rips their answers usually fall in one of these categorizes.

Why manufacturers consider ripped-to-width hardwood lumber

  • Ripped-to-width lumber allows us to receive more usable lumber per load.
  • Purchasing SLR2E lumber enables us to leave potential wood waste at the mill and save on freight costs.
  • Using specific ripped-to-width lumber increases our lumber yields.
  • When we reduce the amount of random width lumber we use we tie up less storage space with unusable lumber parts.
  • Using ripped-to-width blanks reduces the need for employees to re-handle and sort lumber saving on labor costs.

American Lumber has three separate locations producing ripped-to-width lumber products for our customers.   We work with our manufacturer customers to understand their specific needs pertaining to sizes, volumes, clear cutting requirements and delivery frequency. We’ll then develop bundles of exact width lumber, with just the characteristics required, and deliver a product designed specifically for the application and use.

We currently have active hardwood ripping programs in species such as cherry, hard maple, red oak, poplar, white oak and walnut. In addition, we are constantly entertaining new programs around other species readily available in our facilities.

If you are looking for a ripped-to-width hardwood lumber supplier let us know. Perhaps we can help!

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