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Do You Like Your Hardwoods Sorted Or Random?

For years people have had the choice to order their hardwood lumber in standard random widths and lengths or in special sorted bundles.  Everyone knows you can buy hardwood lumber sorted by color, width, length, and even by certain board characteristics.  The general thinking is that when ordering your hardwood lumber sorted you get more of the boards you can use in your production process and you eliminate undo waste or create less unusable parts that pile up in inventory.

But not everyone likes their hardwood sorted.  Some companies prefer to flip through a bundle of pure random widths and lengths and fine the optimal board for the cuts they have to make.

So what type of users like their hardwood sorted or random?  The truth is it is hard to say.It is dangerous to generalize because so many processes and individual craftsmen approach their work differently.  However, many times companies that use hardwoods for furniture and customized cabinetry, where standard sizes do not normally exist and every project is different, find it advantageous to work from varied widths and lengths.  This way they can have a high degree of flexibility from their lumber.

Conversely, manufacturers that develop large quantities of standard parts or need consistent wood blanks to manufacture their products might prefer sorted materials.  This will reduce operator handling time and create more consistent production practices helping them increase lumber yields.

The good news is American Lumber can provide you both!  The better we know your needs and interests the better we can match the hardwood lumber we provide you with your process.

So what will it be? Random or sorted? Let us know how best we can serve you!

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