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The Importance of "Industrial Hardwoods" to a Sawmill

1 Common, 2 Common, FAS, Prime, Select & Better, are just a few hardwood grade requests that we hear from customers. It seems as if we are always talking about grade lumber in the hardwood industry. However, it is important to keep in mind that 30 to 40% of a typical hardwood log results in low-grade lumber.  DSC1082

Low-grade lumber, commonly referred to as industrial hardwoods, can be found in a variety of forms. Cants, pallet lumber, railroad ties, timber mats, board road, etc. are all hardwood products that are produced from a hardwood log after the most valuable parts of the log are taken to create grade lumber.

The center of a typical hardwood log usually has a greater number of defects, less clear cuttings, and is less desirable for finished products. That is why the center of a log commonly results in industrial grade hardwood lumber products. While they may not be ideal for use in cabinetry or fine furniture, low-grade hardwoods can be excellent products when used in the right application. And we manufacture a variety of industrial grade products regularly at American Lumber.

Pallet lumber is sold to customers that are nearby to one of our mills, in both green and kiln dried forms. Railroad ties and cross ties are accumulated in a variety of species and distributed to customers on a program basis. Timber mats and board are manufactured in our Donalds, SC facility due to the longer lengths typically found in the hardwood logs in that region, and distributed to customers in mixed hardwood lots. We even offer framestock product from some of our sawmills.  This is commonly requested for furniture and rustic applications by some of our customers.

We have seen an increase in industrial grade lumber requests recently. If you are looking to find new or additional industrial grade lumber suppliers contact us today. We would be happy to help with all your industrial hardwood needs.

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