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What About Basswood?

When people think of hardwoods the first species that come to mind seem to be Red Oak, White Oak, Walnut, Cherry, etc. But what about Basswood? Often times Basswood is lumped in the “other” category on industry reports since it typically only represents about 5-8% of the total timber production volume today. But maybe its time for a change.IMG 1203

Generally speaking, Basswood (Tilla americana) is a soft, light wood that is stable and can be easily worked. It is also one of those species where there is not much difference between the heartwood and sapwood. This results in Basswood being very uniform within its creamy white to a very pale brown color.

At one point, Basswood had a reputation as a specie that was difficult to finish due to the edges created during sanding. However, with the advancements in today’s machinery manufacturers have been able to overcome that obstacle in a majority of cases.

Basswood has been requested by our customers that usually use it in the production of moulding, shutters, or blinds. However, it has can be used in other applications as well. Such as musical instruments, woodenware, novelties, crates, and even wood carvings! It is also a popular substitute for Aspen and Poplar!

We usually offer basswood in rough random width and length bundles, but it can also be surfaced, (S2S), upon request.

If you are considering trying basswood, or are looking for a new supply source, please let us know. We would be glad to help!

Thinking about trying Basswood or looking for a new supplier? Let us know. We can help!

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