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Things to Consider When Choosing Cherry Lumber

Due to its distinct coloration, grain pattern, and excellent finishing qualities, Cherry has been one of the more popular hardwood lumber species due to its ability to excel in a variety of applications. It can be found used in furniture, paneling, woodenware, interior décor, cabinets, and sometimes even hardwood flooring. With the ability for it to be used in a variety of products we have seen a real increase in interest and demand for Cherry lumber. DSC3898

When looking for Cherry lumber, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Consider the growing region. While Cherry can be found growing throughout the eastern United States, it is generally though that Cherry lumber produced from logs harvested in the Alleghany and Appalachian regions is best. Because of this, it is important to find a supplier that is within that growing region. This ensures that your supplier can get you the best possible Cherry lumber for whatever application you use it for.

Color. The color of Cherry lumber is unmistakable with its color difference between the heartwood and sapwood. Typically, color can vary from a red-brown hue to a nice rich red heartwood to a creamy white sapwood. With this in mind, when one is looking to purchase Cherry lumber the ration of heartwood to sapwood can usually be found as being expressed in percentages. For example, 90/70 and 90/50 are both common ways of indicating how much of the red coloration is on either side of a board within a bundle. This gives a customer a better representation of what they are getting and more confidence in the color consistency throughout a bundle.

Consider the application. As discussed previously, a common Cherry lumber trait is the differences on either side of the board. A 1 face Cherry sort is an excellent choice for someone whose application only requires one visible face or if the board will be painted.

Requirements for length and width. If you require a specific length or width sort, discuss that with your supplier. Usually, Cherry has an average length range of 8’-10.’ Sometimes 14’ to 16’ lengths are available. In terms of width, the average ranged between 6”- 6.5” with 10” and wider or even 12” and wider available occasionally. The key is to find a supplier that can offer you the width boards you need for your unique application.  

At American Lumber, we are happy to provide Cherry lumber in a variety of sizes and sorts. Usually it is available in 4/4 to 8/4 thicknesses with limited availability in 10/4 and thicker. In addition to rough, we can also offer Cherry boards in surface (S2S) or straight line ripped (SLR2E) if required.

Thinking of giving Cherry lumber a shot? Let us know how we can help.

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