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The Versatility of Sapele

With Sapele having a consistent dark brown coloration, stability, and versatility, it has been a hardwood species that has grown in popularity as of late. Most often used in the production of furniture, cabinets, doors, windows, and hardwood flooring, it performs very well in a variety of uses.  DSC7863

Something that has really drawn a lot of interest from customers is Sapele’s unique interlocking grain pattern. As Sapele grows, the grain tends to twist in irregular intervals which give it a really distinct look. This effect is especially apparent in rift and quartered Sapele logs which offers a beautiful ribbon-like grain that takes certain products to another level.

The Sapele lumber that we have at American Lumber is sourced from West Africa, usually Cameroon and Congo. We make every effort to deal with reputable suppliers that we can form trusted partnerships with over the years. Forming such strong relationships with suppliers gives us the ability to consistently supply quality Sapele lumber in accordance to the harvesting rules under the Lacey Act.

At American, we dry 100% of our Sapele inventory at our facility in North Carolina to make sure it is dried to meet the demands of our customers. By drying it at our own facility, it relieves lumber stress and also enhances the overall quality of the lumber throughout the process. We carry Sapele in standard thicknesses from 4/4 to 16/4 and can meet many of our customers need regardless of application.

Are you currently using Sapele or considering using it in the future? Let us know, we would welcome the opportunity to see how Sapele, or any of the other North American or Tropical Species we offer, could work for you.

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