Rustic White Oak

American Lumber Rustic White Oak

American Lumber’s rustic white oak is a custom grade offering. It provides you that natural “antique” look with appealing color, sound tight knots and
great overall character!

General Product Overview:rustic white oak bundle

  • 4/4 thickness
  • Square edges
  • Unlimited knots
  • No open holes
  • Limitations on pith and sidebend
  • SLR2E moulder ready blanks offered
  • Full-to-width sorts available including:
    • 6.00” - 6.99”
    • 7.00” - 7.99”
    • 8.00” - 8.99”
    • 10.00” and wider

Additional customer specific width sorts are considered upon request.

This hardwood lumber product is accumulated in several locations.  Inquire about a full load or use it to created a mixed load shipment.

For general species, working and physical properties visit the White Oak web page.

Additional product information and exact inventory levels are available upon request.

Please contact your American Lumber Sales representative for additional information. Or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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