Carya spp.

Hickory is widely known to be very hard, very heavy, and very strong. The sapwood of hickory is light to golden white; the contrasting heartwood is light to darker brown.

Hickory grows throughout the hardwood forest of the eastern United States, often together with similar trees known as "Pecan Hickories". All species of hickory are typically shipped as one.

General Information

Uses Availability Price
Cabinets, tool handles, furniture, wall paneling, sporting equipment. Typically sawn in 4/4 thicknesses. 5/4 and thicker stock limited in availability. Low to moderate.

Relative Working Properties

Machining Resistance to splitting in nailing Resistance to splitting in screwing Gluing
Excellent Fair Good Good

Physical Properties

Specific gravity (12% m.c.) Average shipping weight kilograms (kg) per cubic metre (m3) air dry Average volumetric shrinkage (oven dry % of green) Modulus of rupture (kilopascals) Modulus of elasticity (megapascals) Side hardness (newtons)
0.72 716 16.7 139000 14900 7000