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World markets expect American Lumber to produce the finest North American hardwood lumber available.

American Lumber has earned its reputation for quality, service, and dedication to innovation, which is synonymous with the Green Diamond brand. We know succeeding in business is hard. We believe buying your hardwoods shouldn't be! We combine years of experience with technology and resources to help our customers succeed.

For years, American Lumber has been a premier hardwood lumber manufacturer that provides solutions which reduce costs, increase yields, and deliver lumber when and where our customers need it.

Founded in 1953, American Lumber Company has grown by selling hardwood lumber manufactured in its own sawmills and yards, buying from outside mills, and wholesaling lumber. Today, American Lumber is a proud member of The Baillie Group.

We provide almost all of the North American hardwood lumber species including red and white oak, ash, cherry, poplar, maple, hickory, alder and walnut. However, we are not just American anymore! We are also are a premier provider of imported hardwood lumber from Central and South America, Africa, and Asia.

We invite you to CHALLENGE US to find the solutions that will help your business succeed!

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Custom grades of hardwood lumber that improve your yields and reduce your waste