Soft Maple

Acer rubrum.

Soft Maple is similar in color, grain pattern and texture to Hard Maple. It is widely used as a substitute for Hard Maple because of its similarity in color, grain pattern, etc. It is about 25% softer than Hard Maple. The sapwood of Soft Maple may be less white than Hard Maple -- the heartwood, may be more gray/tan.

General Information

Uses Availability Price
Furniture, cabinets, moulding, toys, containers. Widely available in thicknesses 4/4 through 8/4. Generally available 10/4 and thicker. Low to moderate.

Relative Working Properties

Machining Resistance to splitting in nailing Resistance to splitting in screwing Gluing
Very Good Fair Good Good

Physical Properties

Specific gravity (12% m.c.) Average shipping weight kilograms (kg) per cubic metre (m3) air dry Average volumetric shrinkage (oven dry % of green) Modulus of rupture (kilopascals) Modulus of elasticity (megapascals) Side hardness (newtons)
0.47 564 12 61000 7900 3100