Custom Lumber Solutions

We'll develop it just for you. . . Your ticket to better yields!

Your Success Is Our Business

American Lumber Company has a reputation for designing unique high quality lumber solutions for our customers that exceed traditional industry grading parameters. We will design a CUSTOM LUMBER SOLUTION specifically for your unique manufacturing process.

Our CUSTOM LUMBER SOLUTIONS program is a no obligation review of your existing production process.  
The objective is to develop a customized hardwood product or solution that helps you succeed.

We do wtih with a 5-step evaluation process that is designed to create a unique and customized hardwood lumber solution that meets your specific production needs.

The 5-step program is based on:

  • Observation  - An onsite analysis with your team to work with the actual specie needs, volumes, and your current finished product desires.
  • Recommend - A detailed analysis of our findings and recommendations including any potential customized hardwood lumber product offerings.
  • Testing - The shipment of a customized hardwood lumber solution to your facility for testing and analysis in your live production process.
  • Evaluation - A detailed assessment and review of the actual test results. 
  • Follow Up  - Ongoing follow up visits are part of the Custom Lumber Solutions program. 

Let us help you increase your yields, lower your costs, and improve your production process.

Download our CUSTOM LUMBER SOLUTION whitepaper to learn more about our program and the process.

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