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Ripped-to-Width Hardwood Lumber

American Lumber Company has years of experience in providing ripped-to-width hardwood lumber products to our customers. Our ripped hardwood lumber is ideripped-to-width hardwood lumber whitepaperal for customers that require full-to-width hardwood lumber in specific widths.

We will consider ripping all species and all thicknesses and provide you a clean two edged ripped hardwood lumber product specifically designed for your production runs.

American Lumber produces moulder ready blanks for many business sectors including cabinet makers, flooring companies, furniture manufacturers, moulding manufacturers and more.  By combining the different lumber needs and diverse cut bills of many different customers into one large production run we can produce the exact SLR2E products most customers need while achieving high yields, saving money and passing those savings onto our customers.

Why should you consider American Lumber for your ripped-to-width hardwood lumber?

  1. We help you purchase in the exact lumber you need and use.
  2. We are a supplier you can depend on.
  3. We have large inventories which insure you have supply through all market conditions.
  4. We maintain state-of-the-art technology that achieves industry leading yields.
  5. We help streamline your production and turn variable costs into fixed costs.

We can provide you all the lumber needed for your manufacturing or just compliment your own production.  Many of our customers use our Hardwood Lumber Rips to supplement their current sourcing strategies to help alleviate common bottlenecks in their plant.

Consider our Ripped-to-Width Hardwood Lumber to improve your manufacturing productivity, to increase your yields, and as a way to decrease lumber waste!

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